About us

Hi and welcome to the London Family Centre, a church where the world meets.

In 2001 several teams of missionaries from many parts of the world converged on London to bring the simple message of hope and light back to the city which once throbbed with hymns of praise and devoted churchgoers. The work that began with prayer and fervency resulted in the birth of the London Family Centre (LFC).

LFC is not a 'church' in the very traditional sense; rather it is a group of individuals from various backgrounds, occupations, and personalities, who are united in Christ to love God and to love people. We meet on Sundays and throughout the week to seek and worship God and to fellowship and reach out to each other.
Our members are widely varying in professions from doctors, theologians, lawyers, engineers, artists, retail clerks, students, retirees, to those who are looking for work. The colour of our skin, the language we speak, our life-styles, the food we eat and so much about us is truly diverse. Yet, we are one in our faith.

Anyone is welcome at LFC, we value encountering God in many different ways. Our Sunday Worship Service includes joyful and vibrant music. We enjoy expressing our love for Jesus in creative ways such as dramas, monologues and dance. Please join us in worship and experience God's presence in an amazing way. The atmosphere is casual, the messages are inspired and the people are friendly. Whether you are just curious about Christianity or have been in church all your life, at LFC you will find that you can relate to God in a more meaningful way and experience authentic relationships with people who care about you and learn and build your relationship with God through God’s word and times of prayer.

Do join us this Sunday and disocver what God has for you!



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